Does Placing Fruit in Mason Containers Ensure It Is Stay Longer?

Does Placing Fruit in Mason Containers Ensure It Is Stay Longer?


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Ads On , a myspace levels shared a suggestion which claimed that placing fruits in Mason jars managed to get stay longer:

Between , the article racked upwards more than half a million companies. It alluded to a TikTok article, feasible a viral post by consumer :

a? … should you place your fruits (similar strawberries) in a windows jar within refrigerator they stay fresh for 2 to three days … weeks!a?


Instagram consumer (whoever Instagram bio incorporated the hashtag #strawberriesinajar) was also referenced from inside the article. In , that profile contributed one of the main stuff about saving berries in containers:

Within the book of this Instagram article, however, they put the a?rest on the instructions for the viral hack are located on my blog thecrosslegacy/keeping-berries-fresh-for-weeks.a? The Facebook post merely pointed out keeping fruits in a jar, no actual added information.

We checked out your blog article, that was dated following TikTok inserted above had been published, plus the a?rest in the instructionsa? are not minor:

Whenever I get back home with fruits either from shop or generate stand, I put the fruits in a big bowl of liquid and a glug of white white vinegar. I barely determine anything, I get it from my personal Grandma department, but it is about a 1/4 cup of white vinegar your bowl of cold water.

Drench the fruits for 3-5 minutes; if it’s much longer they’re able to see soft. Upcoming, I swish around my arms in water to mix within the berries and attempt to grab any dried leaves or particles that floats to apex Zoeken the top. Then I rinse off the fruits with cool water in a strainer or colander and look for additional soil which may require a little rub.

To begin, the purported originator on the a?fruit in Mason jarsa? hack wouldn’t suggest their fans just to a?store fruit in containers,a? Continue reading “Does Placing Fruit in Mason Containers Ensure It Is Stay Longer?”